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Problem solved.

Mike is a USB expert, consultant and strategist with over twenty years experience in microelectronics and semiconductors, largely dedicated to USB and PCIe integration.

Mike is currently working on front-end design, industrial design, PCB design, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing for a consumer electronics device currently dubbed ProjectX. The project includes wireless inductive charging and multitouch sensing. On his blog, Mike writes mostly about USB, chip design, beer and baking.

Mike has been in microelectronics for two decades. He can still remember the first time he designed an embedded system in 1997. He got good and got hooked. Mike loves challenging design problems. Mostly because he can find the answer faster.

Mike lives in Bend, Oregon with his family. Loves the outdoors, Minecraft and microbrewing. He’s team oriented, and he can solve tough problems while playing nice with others.

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What happened to High Desert Design Center?

Mike is the founder of High Desert Design Center Inc. We've been in business since 1998, and we're still here. Give us a call, or send an email if you need help with a project!


Mike provides custom design services, USB consulting and debugging mentoring. He has expertise in the areas of USB, PCIe, DRAM memory design, numerous FPGA families, Universal Serial Bus components, and the next great microprocessors.

Stuck with a product development problem? Want help figuring out exactly what the problem is? Is interface experience important? Mike will propose and solution and get it implemented. Mike handles electronic product development from initial concept and design to volume production. He has strategic relationships with manufacturing, plastics design, 3D Modeling, embedded firmware and board layout to get the job done right.

His team can provide the engineering resources to sustain the project through its lifecycle or to move the product to the client.

“Mike provides USB consulting for one-time and ongoing projects. He figures out what the problems are and solves them. After all, products need to work to get out the door.”



Phone: 541.948.3810
Fax: 541.318.6148



70 SW Century Dr. Suite #100-387
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